Call for candidates interested in applying for an MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Medical Imaging in brain hemorrhages or Dose verification in Proton Therapy

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The Bioaraba Health Research Institute seeks outstanding researchers to apply for

Would you be interested in spending 1–2 years as a postdoc on a research project in medical imaging or proton therapy in a thriving research environment in the Alava region of the Basque Country (North of Spain)? Bioaraba Health Research Institue invites one or several candidates holding doctoral degrees to develop a collaborative MSCA European Postdoctoral Fellowship application within the European Commission’s Horizon Europe’s programme.

We offer a cutting-edge research Group and specialized support for the applications.

The selected candidates will be invited to submit a MSCA-2023-PF application hosted by Bioaraba HRI.

Research Activities at Bioaraba HRI

The selected candidate(s) will work together with a researcher and mentor from Bioaraba HRI (Prof. Marcin Balcerzyk). We are particularly interested in research topics that fall within the field of innovative artificial intelligence solutions in medical imaging in brain hemorrhages or dose verification in proton therapy for cancer treatment, prioritizing translational research and innovation proposals. The candidate will work with Prof. Marcin Balcerzyk in preparing the application.

Prof. Balcerzyk has wide experience in the field of molecular imaging PET/CT in preclinical and clinical research, advanced treatment of medical imaging and molecular neuroscience. His main research lines in Bioaraba HRI involve the prediction of vasospasm and death of patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage, which has resulted in a method, web application that is a minimum viable product intended for commercialization and CE and FDA certification. The method obtained a US patent in 2022 and is in the process of national patents in Europe. He plans to create a spin-off in the coming months. In addition, he will also focus on dose verification in proton therapy for cancer treatment. Protons produce several positron-emitting isotopes, which can be visualized and measured in PET initially with simulations with GATE Monte Carlo software.

ORCID ID (Marcin):

Can you apply for MSCA-2023 Postdoctoral Fellowship?

Supported researchers can be of any nationality. Only European Fellowships will be supported from our institution.

At the date of the Call deadline, 13th September 2023, the researchers:

  • Must be in possession of a PhD degree (successfully defended the doctoral thesis).
  • Must have a maximum of 8 years full-time equivalent research experience from the date of award of the doctoral degree (career breaks will not count).
  • Must not have lived/worked in Spain for more than 12 months between 13/09/2020 and 13/09/2023.
  • Must be highly motivated and have an excellent research track record through publications in any of the relevant fields.
  • Must be fluent in English (both written and spoken).
Bioaraba HRI as Host Institution:

Bioaraba HRI is non-profit research and innovation center with the aim of promoting translational biomedical and health research in our region. We are one of the four research and innovation centers of the Basque Public Health System, that together with BIOEF (the Basque Foundation for Health Research and Innovation) make up the map of R&D&I entities of the Basque Public Health System. Bioaraba HRI has over 400 researchers (most of them clinical researchers) working in several research lines included in seven main research and innovation areas. Among these scientific areas and in line with our Strategic Plan, the Institute is committed to strengthening the Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics and the Digital Health and Medical Devices research areas. Additionally, Bioaraba HRI has five research and innovation support platforms to aid the work of researchers (a Clinical Trials Unit, an Innovation Unit, a Methodology and Statistics Unit, a Genetic, Epigenetic and Cell Biology laboratory and a Biobank unit. Bioaraba HRI is an equal opportunity employer.

Bioaraba HRI is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava, Basque Country, Spain. Vitoria was awarded a Green Capital of Europe in 2012. It is a beautiful, medium size city (260k inhabitants) of medieval foundation surrounded by a Green Belt of parks, natural parks, hills and mountains located 67 km south of Atlantic and 45 km north of Rioja wine region. Vitoria is the administrative capital of the Basque Country (2,1 million inhabitants) and hosts the Basque Parliament, the Basque Government´s Headquarters and the Health System´s Headquarters). The city is a hub of University of Basque Country faculties (Medicine and Nursery, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Education and Sports, Engineering, Economy and Enterprise, Arts, Social Labor and Labor relationships), research centers and industry (mainly located within the Álava Technology Park, an innovative ecosystem of knowledge and talent which is currently home to 169 companies with 3.811 highly qualified employees). Children can attend any of the 25 public infant schools in Vitoria Gasteiz, of which 5 of them offer admission for 0, 1 and 2 year-old and ecologic canteen. There is also an international private school offering Montessori methodology for children 0-12 years old.

How to apply

If you are interested in developing such a proposal with us, email your CV, a motivational letter and one-page outline of your research idea as early as possible and latest by June 15th, 2023. Questions and applications should be sent to the Institute’s Scientific Coordinator Dr. Estibalitz Orruño (). Please include «MSCA-PF 2023» in the subject line of your email. The deadline for the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship application is the13th September, 2023.